Purchase Conditions

These terms apply to tickets purchased on flybussen.no

Ticket with QR code must be provided throughout the trip. The ticket must be presented in paper print or PDF on your mobile/tablet. (reference number alone is not a valid ticket). As a customer you must ensure that the QR code or reference number do not go astray.

The customer is responsible to make sure:

  • Proper itinerary, departure time and date selected.
  • Correct ticket type is selected, and must be able to produce valid identification.
  • The correct email address is entered at purchase.

The ticket can only be used on the specified stretch date and departure time it is issued. This also applies for the return journey.

* The ticket can not be changed or refunded.

If downtime or other technical issues means that it is not possible to buy tickets on the web site, you must buy the ticket from the bus driver. The fare would in such cases normally be higher. We do not refund the price difference between the price of the bus and the price online during downtime or technical problems on the website.



When a journey involves a change of busses, the tranfer time is defined as follows:

  • 60 minutes for change from Flybussen to trains, boats, airplanes* or buses operated by other companies.
  • 30 minutes for change from Flybussen to another Flybussen bus.

For journeys with a shorter connection time, you are not entitled to a refund in the event of delay or service interruption, even if the journey was booked by using the Travel Planner at nor-way.no.

*Please note that when going to an airport, the airlines check-in-times must be added on.

Privacy statement

What is personal information?

Personal information is information that can be linked to a person, such as name, place of residence, telephone number, e-mail address, IP address.

Processing of personal data can e.g. be collection, registration, storage or a combination of these. The airport bus is responsible for the processing of personal data that is processed in connection with the use of our services and products, and personal data we collect and process for the purposes set out below. The fact that Flybussen is responsible for processing primarily means that it is Flybussen that has responsibilities and obligations under the Personal Data Act.

A company that processes data on behalf of Flybussen is called a data processor. When we use a data processor, we make sure to have data processor agreements that regulate how this can process data. In general, such an agreement regulates that the data processor may only process the personal data on behalf of Flybussen and for defined purposes.


At Flybussen, we take privacy and security seriously and we respect privacy in our collection and processing of personal information about you.

All processing of personal data in Flybussen is subject to the Personal Data Act with regulations and the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as this is implemented in Norwegian law (the «Personal Data Act»). All our employees are subject to a duty of confidentiality in accordance with Electronic Communications Act §2-9.


Who does this privacy statement apply to?

This privacy statement applies to the collection of personal information that we do about our customers and visitors to our websites.


How do we receive personal information about you?

Information you provide to us:

When you register as a user with us, you provide data stored by us. This information is stored in our databases in order to provide a service to you as a user, and to be able to validate your travels.
When you order a ticket through our services, you provide data stored by us. This information is stored in our databases in order to provide a service to you as a user, and to be able to validate your travels.

How long is the personal information about you stored?
The airport bus does not store the personal information about you longer than necessary. How long we store your personal information depends on necessity and any legal requirements for storage, such as the Accounting Act and the Electronic Communications Act. You can ask us to forget you at any time, either by selecting this on your profile, or sending an email to customer service.

Generally, personal information and travel information is stored for 3 years for unregistered users and inactive users.


Google Analytics

We use the Google Analytics tool to collect statistics about the use of the website. We get information about which pages and services are used, where the users come from, time spent on the pages, how the users navigate inside the pages, etc.


Sales and marketing

We follow the provisions of the Marketing Act on sending out offers and newsletters to our existing customers. We will not send you anything unless we have a legal basis for processing under the Personal Data Act for this, and provided that you have not reserved yourself against such marketing inquiries.


We use personal information for:

Communicate with our customers using the contact information you have provided to us (including email, phone number and contact address of content and services provided over the Internet, such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.) And which we have informed you about that we use for marketing, unless you have opposed such communication.
Send out newsletters and other forms of direct marketing when we have your consent or other legal basis for this.
Carry out market analyzes, customer satisfaction surveys, etc.
You can at any time reserve yourself against our marketing on My Profile.


Who do we share the information with and why?

The airport bus' data processor uses the Amazon Web Services service as a hosting service where all data is stored securely and correctly within the EU / EEA.

We do not disclose your personal information to a third party as long as we are not required to do so by public authorities.


Where is the information stored?

The information is stored in our databases within the EU / EEA.


Deletion of data

A user who has been inactive for 3 years will receive an email stating that he will be forgotten. If there is no activity within 1 month, the personal information and the user will be deleted.

A registered user can request to be forgotten. This means that all personal information and the user profile will be deleted within 24 hours.

Personal information for unregistered users will be deleted after 3 years.


Changes to the Privacy Statement

The content of this privacy statement may be changed, in which case changes will be published on Flybussen.no. If we make a significant change, we will send our customers a notice of this.


Your choices and rights

You have the right to access the information stored about you and must receive information no later than 30 days after request
You have the right to demand that the information about you be corrected or deleted
If you choose to have information about you deleted, it means that we cannot retrieve your previous history.


Request insight

If you want access to the information stored about you, you must send this in writing, either by post or via the contact form. For the sake of your privacy, you will receive an answer to the question to your postal address.