About Flybussen


Flybussen is Norway’s leading provider of airport express buses, with routes to 8 of the country’s airports. The company is owned by four public transport operators: Tide, Boreal, Norgesbuss, Nettbuss and Flybussekspressen.

The marketing company

Flybussen.no DA is a marketing company that acts on behalf of the various companies that operate the airport buses. Responsibility for the individual routes lies with the companies that operate the buses. As a marketing company, Flybussen.no DA’s responsibility is to look after national marketing and brand-building activities, to publish information and to handle online ticket sales to the public.

We want all our passengers to have the best possible experience using our service. If your journey with us is delayed, you are covered by our travel guarantee, which provides compensation for delays and cancellations.


Travel guarantee

Under the terms of our travel guarantee, we have an obligation to do our best to get you to your destination on time. If you have a complaint, we will do everything in our power to learn from our mistakes so that the problem does not recur.

If, despite these efforts, there are delays or any other failure in the service, we will:

  • give you the best possible information about what’s going on
  • give you information as soon as possible about alternative transport or alternative routes
  • to the extent possible, arrange alternative transport

If alternative transport cannot be offered, we will refund your documented taxi, private vehicle or other alternative transport expenses – if you are more than:

  • 20 minutes delayed on journeys of less than 1 hour: up to NOK 500
  • 40 minutes delayed on journeys of between 1 and 3 hours: up to NOK 750
  • 60 minutes delayed on journeys of more than 3 hours: up to NOK 1,000

On journeys of more than 3 hours, if the delay results in you not reaching your destination until the following day, you will be refunded the actual costs of any overnight accommodation. This must be approved in advance by the transport company you are using (or were intending to use) when the service is cancelled or delayed.

For your claim to be valid, you must complete and send us a travel guarantee form or a written enquiry within one month of the delay occurring. We will reply to your enquiry as soon as possible, and no later than four weeks after receiving it.


When does the guarantee apply?

The basic rule is that the travel guarantee always applies. However, if the delay or cancellation is announced in advance, or you know or ought to have known that the cause of the delay is not attributable to the transport provider, we cannot offer a refund.

The travel guarantee does not apply if the delay or cancellation is due to circumstances outside the transport provider’s control, such as extraordinary weather conditions or natural events, unforeseen problems with the road or other traffic conditions, government orders or prohibitions, strikes or lockouts, etc. The travel guarantee does not cover consequential loss caused by the delay, such as missed dental appointments, business meetings or flight departures.


Transfer rules

Naturally, many of the passengers travelling with Flybussen are on their way to catch a flight. If a journey involves a transfer from a bus to a plane, a certain amount of transfer time must be allowed. When transferring from a Flybussen bus to a plane, the applicable transfer time is 60 minutes. The airline’s check-in deadline must also be taken into account.

If a passenger chooses a Flybussen service that is not scheduled to arrive sufficiently early to allow 60 minutes’ transfer time, no claims can be made for refunds of costs of alternative transport or other expenses incurred as a result of a missed connection.

Travel terms and conditions – read more here


The companies

Flybussen.no is operated by a number of different travel operators based in various parts of Norway, Boreal, Flybussekspressen AS, Nettbuss Travel, Norgesbuss and Tide.